Just some of the accomplishments under the leadership of Mayor Doug Craig:

Economy and Infrastructure:
  • Helped to accomplish the building of a $30 million dollar bridge over the train tracks near the Delta intersection
  • Pushed the Provincial government into the design stage of the Franklin Bridge so pedestrians will be able to cross safely
  • Established Boxwood, a 110 acre industrial park in order to bring industry and jobs to our community
  • Worked with the other local governments and the Region to organize a regional development corporation in order to bring international and national businesses to the region
  • Continued the policy of no development charges in the core areas
  • Took the lead on streetscaping projects in all the core areas that will be completed in the next three years for a total cost of 10 million dollars
  • Worked with the region to compile a report to bring GO train service to Cambridge
  • .supported the initiative to work with IBM to establish the finest Asset Management programme in the province
Culture, Arts and Events in our Community:
  • Brought Dunfield Theatre to Cambridge
  • Started an annual event called "the Mayor's Celebration of the Arts"
  • Started annual charities such as: arts Connect and the Mayor's Movie Night
  • Established annual Christmas Festival: Christmas in Cambridge with highlights such as Unsilent Night and Candyland
  • Supported the establishment of the Master Plan for Arts and Culture
Heritage in our Community:
  • Oversaw the rehabilitation of the old city hall for 5 million dollars
  • Was successful in helping to see the Fire Museum Rehabilitated
  • Supported the proposed restoration and reuse of the Old Galt Post Office for a Library
  • Supported the Library’s decision to protect the Carnegie Library in Hespeler with a major addition
Other Significant achievements:
  • Helped to bring about the reconstruction of Cambridge Memorial Hospital’s 200 million dollar renovation that will be starting in October
  • Spoke at APEC the (Asian, Pacific Economic Conference) outside Beijing about asset management in the City of Cambridge
  • Recommended a city wide policy named, “Back to the River” in order to encourage greater development of our natural resources
  • With six other Mayors met with the Premier to encourage a greater flow of provincial dollars into the auto sectors of our communities

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